Bong Guide for Beginners – Learn the Components of a Bong

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Bongs have been around for over 100 years, but they have attained phenomenal popularity lately because of the way it has evolved over the years. The current ones make use of advanced water filtration system thus resulting in a smooth hit. Moreover, this is a healthier alternative to traditional pipes since there are fewer problems with carcinogens.

Purchase bongs online:

To elevate your smoking experience, bong manufacturers have come up with numerous variations. The best place to find bongs is online due to the wide variety of options available. If you are looking for best-quality bongs online, check out the website of Express Smoke Shop. This budding online vendor is currently the preferred choice for smoking-enthusiasts in Florida.

Go through their online catalogue for the widest selection of smoking devices. Each of their products goes through thorough testing before being shipped. The choice of bong manufacturer influences your smoking experience. If you are trying bong for the first-time then learn about its anatomy beforehand.

Anatomy of bong:

Bongs may look simple on the outward, but it comprises of a number of parts working together. The following are the parts of a bong. Some of these parts are mandatorily present in all bongs while some can be affixed as a separate accessory for experiencing a better smoking experience.

  • Bowl attachment: The bowl is where we place dry herbs. It is made of durable materials like quartz, glass or borosilicate glass which can handle changes in temperature. They are available in 3 sizes (10.5mm, 14mm, and 18mm) and available in male and female genders with male joints fitting to female accessories and vice versa.
  • Slides: This small piece of glass that connects downstem and the joint of the bong. Slides are available in various sizes and shapes which depend on the bong. They are usually 3.5 to 7” long and snugly fit into the joint. Look for those that are polished on the inside and outside.
  • Diffused downstem: It is a tube that connects your bong’s bowl to the water sources. They can be either non-diffused or diffused. The diffused ones contain about 3 to 12 slits allowing better filtration of the smoke while non-diffused ones lack slits but still provide ample filtration and cooling.
  • Percolators: Percolators provide extra smoke filtration and cooling. Though some bongs aren’t equipped with percolators, it can be purchased separately and fitted into your bong. Choose bigger ones so that the cleaning part is easier.
  • Ash catchers: It is used to prevent ash from entering bong apart from providing a fair amount of cooling and filtration.
  • Ice catches: This is found in the tubes of most large bongs and is used to hold ice cubes for better cooling of smoke. After the ice melts, you can easily drain it.
  • Mouth pieces: Mouthpiece is the generally present at the top and it is the part from where you inhale the smoke.
  • Base: A sturdy and thick base supports the entire apparatus.

Choose reputable sources to buy bongs to ensure it is of good quality. If you aren’t sure, which bong would be the best fit for you, you can contact the customer service of the online vendor for recommendations.

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