Benefits of Using Reusable Bags Over Plastic Carry Bags

June 10, 2020 by No Comments

Single use plastic carry bags cause damage to the whole planet and when they break down into toxic fragments, they cause damage to animals. Moreover, the reason why these plastic carry bags go to landfill is, recycling cost overweighs their value. To save the planet we need to reduce the impact of plastic carry bags and switch to reusable bags.

If you are a company or buying for your community, you can buy your preferred reusable bags from Custom Grocery Bags, which is an eco-friendly company that produces a variety of reusable bags that are strong and of high-quality. You can also get your brand logo printed on your bag and get them customized to suit your business.

Let us see how reusable bags can save the environment.

  • By switching to reusable bags, we can reduce the number of plastic bags that ends up in ocean and save marine animals and birds.
  • We can limit the production of plastic bags and contribute our small part in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.
  • We cannot recycle the plastic carry bags. At the same time, you can use the reusable bag over years. It can break down to non-toxic fragments even if you throw them after used up. Moreover, if you try to recycle, these plastics will contaminate the environment with toxic emissions.
  • Since plastic bags are light weighted, they get blown away from garbage bins when the wind flows. This results in garbage all around the city and it is not appealing. Lot of public money is wasted on cleaning these surroundings, that could be used for some other useful purposes.
  • Plastic carry bags need barrels of oil and natural gas for manufacturing them. We can save this non-renewable resource for future by switching to reusable bags.
  • Though some stores provide plastic carry bags for free, most charge you at least five cents per bag. If you do the math, you will be spending more on plastic bags instead of buying a reusable bag that will be durable over years.
  • For producing just seven carry bags it needs the same amount of petroleum as it needs for driving a car for one kilometer, which is unnecessary cost for non-recyclable, harmful plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags that ends up in landfill needs one thousand years to break down. They break down into toxic tiny parts, which is dangerous to the environment and animals.
  • When we buy bags made of sustainable crops like, jute, bamboo, hemp etc., the farmers and textile workers get benefited.
  • By switching to reusable bags, you can contribute your part in saving the planet and you can also create awareness to your friends and neighbors.
  • Some stores give their customers a discount if they are bringing their reusable bags while shopping. Though it is only few cents at a time, over the years it will add up.
  • The annoying and inconvenient situation with your plastic carry bag is, when it rips and all your items fall out on the ground. This embarrassing situation can be avoided with reusable bags.

Whatever type of reusable bag you choose, you should be reusing it. The more you use it, the more you contribute to save nature. Take your first step in saving nature by switching to reusable bag.

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