Time That May be Needed to Get CBD Oil Working for You

May 22, 2020 by No Comments

Often you may tend to feel that CBD is not working for you and wonder how long will it take to properly kick in within you. Few of you may even try to increase the dose in order to feel the change.

Though with the increase of the dose of CBD vape juice may not get you a high, but it will really not be advisable too. By overdosing there is a possibility of certain side effects like fatigue, diarrhea and also certain appetite changes too.

Therefore, before you conclude that you have purchased any wrong CBD product or think of further increasing your dose, you must read following.  

What can influence your CBD response time?

How much CBD is needed to create its effect or how long will it take to make any difference may largely depend upon following few things:

 1. Dosage

People who take CBD for the first time should always start with lower dose, however if you are too stingy with your dose then perhaps you may not get any effect of CBD.

 2. Concentration

Though higher concentration of CBD can produce dramatic results, as a beginner you must either take lower dose or low concentration. So, you need to increase the concentration in step by step manner.

 3. Biological factors of the individual

Depending upon the gender, body weight, metabolism, health and individual experience can also influence the way CBD will respond to you.

 4. Method of consumption

Besides all the above, your consumption method can also influence how CBD is going to work on you.

How to consume CBD?

You can consume CBD in following 4 ways and each of the consumption method can influence you differently.

 1. Inhalation

Inhalation can produce fastest results, and most of you will feel its effects almost immediately. Either by smoking or vaporizing, any CBD product will go straight to our bloodstream through lungs. Method of inhalation however can be controversial.

 2. Topicals

Often by using CBD on the skin can produce quick effects in certain situations, but if you are taking CBD for your stress reduction, then topical application may take much longer and you may not get desired results.

 3. Sublingual application

In this method, you will apply tincture or spray under the tongue directly. Many may feel the effect almost immediately, but it may take about 15 to 60 minutes.

Sublingual method is also most preferred way to take CBD speedily and effectively. This is due because of the vast network of tiny blood vessels that are present under your tongue, which helps this compound to be absorbed fast into the bloodstream.

 4. Oral consumption

If you swallow a capsule or any edible like gummy chocolate then CBD may take nearly 90 minutes to work. 

The basic reason for taking longer than all other methods is because CBD will go through the digestive system before entering into your bloodstream. 

However, this may take longest time to take effect, but will last also the longest. By taking CBD on empty stomach can quicken the process to 30 minutes. 

On the other hand, if you take CBD along with food, particularly with a large meal, then it may take even 2 hours to feel anything.

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