How CBD Infused Skincare Products Help To Handle Both Oily And Dry Skin?

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A CBD face mask is ideal to offer your skin the relief it deserves. CBD skincare products reduce the symptoms of irritation, acne, and sensitivity. It is a fantastic addition to your daily skincare routine. CBD face mask is great for both kinds of skin – dry and oily.

How can CBD oil infused in skincare products help people with both dry and oily skin?

Oily skin shines in the light and is acne-prone, while dry skin is prone to cracks and irritation. Some people have both dry and oily skin. It is a challenge to choose a skincare product for this kind of skin. Fortunately, the CBD water pack mask from Allueur can help you get relief from all kinds of skin issues.

CBD oil acts as a regulator

Inhibits oil production 

Oily skin is the indication that the body is producing excess oil that causes pimples and redness. The Endocannabinoid system [ECS] in the human body regulates oil production, fights pathogens trying to enter scrapes or cuts, and heals the damaged cells.

When the body does not do its maintenance job, CBD is a great solution. It targets sebaceous glands and inhibits the production of oil. CBD indirectly works with CB2 receptors, which helps to reduce irritation related to pimples and acne.

Promotes oil production

Dry skin means moisture is not retained [water dry], or there is an insufficient amount of oil [oil dry]. For oil dry skin, use a CBD-infused water pack mask. CBD regulates submucous glands functioning. It encourages them to increase oil production.

For water dry skin use CBD topical after a shower. Apply topical cream while the skin is damp. It helps to lock the moisture in. Even drink lots of water.

If you have a controlled skin condition, but experience occasional breakout, then store CBD face mask in your bathroom cupboard. Whenever necessary pull it and apply on your face to get relieved from acne irritation.

CBD-infused face mask tips

  • If you are using CBD face mask in the morning, then wipe your face with a warm wet cloth. If you are applying in the evening, then thoroughly cleanse your skin before you indulge.
  • First, exfoliate the skin to eliminate the buildup of dead cells and grime. Your skin surface is prepared to absorb the beneficial ingredients from the CBD mask.
  • Remove clay and cream masks properly after 15 minutes. If the mask is stubborn, use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe.
  • If you chose the CBD sheet mask, put it after hydrating your skin with serums and toners but before applying moisturizer.
  • Choose the best Allueure CBD moisturizer to lock all the wow inside the skin surface.
  • If you have sensitive skin, store the CBD mask in the fridge. It offers an extra soothing level on application.

Different types of face masks can help to heal stressed, congested, and dull skin. You can even get an overnight exfoliating mask that is promising for all kinds of skin.

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